Working with me

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to tell people you are doing the right thing”

John D Rockefeller

Douglas Brown PR is built around the idea that good PR should be available to everyone, irrespective of budget.

I work with small businesses and not for profit organisations across the UK giving them a voice through consultancy and training that develops their ability to speak for themselves. Whether it’s designing an online presence on a shoe-string, creating a crisis communication plan or developing speakers to represent an organisation , my aim is to create a sustainable approach to public relations, free from on-going reliance on external suppliers (even me!).

I offer a suit of ready made training courses for both commercial and not for profit clients in the UK which can be viewed on my web site as well as bespoke training designed to specifically meet your organisation’s communications needs.

On the consultancy side of the business I cover everything from strategic input such as advising organisations on their branding and communication audits through to hands on activity like creating low cost web sites for micro businesses and media relations.

If you would like to chat through how I could help your business or organisation gain a voice to tell the people who matter to you how great you are and what a good job you do, please drop me a line at, or call me on 01476 860 572.

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