The involvement of big multi national sponsors in the Olympics was always going to create brand bullying stories, and today the papers have been running more stories about how the big brand sponsors are protecting their investment.

The temptation , I’m sure, when so much money has been spent on being a keynote sponsor is to jump on any other branding appearances by competitors.

The problem is it’s marketing executives who push for the brand police to act, and marketing execs so often get blinded by brand in isolation and lose sight of reputation.

This Olympics organisers’ the statements today are that other brands can be seen – ie you won’t get turned away if you wear a Pepsi T shirt because Coke are the sponsors.

But the damage is done to Coke’s reputation as soon as the idea even emerges – and I’ll wager we’ll see more coverage of the big bad brands acting “irrationally” against some individual or small business before it’s all over.

They should remember that with great power (and big brands do wield power in the minds of consumers) comes great responsibility, and no-one benefits from being seen to be a bully.