Image Hit

There was some good analysis and advcie in a piece in the Guardian this week on the use of social Media in the not for profit sector.

What I don’t think it caught however was how easy it is for the use of Social Media to be seen as an end in it’s own right and as something separate from all of the other channels an organisation has to use to reach out to all the audiences it wishes to engage with.

As the article says, the commercial sector has grasped the use of social media with both hands, and it suggests that the not for profit sector needs to do the same. I would agree, but with the warning that charities don’t simply copy the commercial sector. If they do they risk repeating the mistakes many big companies have made in establishing a presence in the world of social networks unconnnected to the other paths through which they interact with customers – from sales promotion to their CSR activities.

No doubt PR will work out how to integrate social media into the wider effort to build reputation just as the next new sexy way to communicate comes along.