The Scouts have just announced they are to reintroduce Bob-a-Job week 20 years after it was done away with.


What a fantastic bit of PR for Scouting – not just because it has gained stacks of media coverage, but because it is an event which truly reflects some of the core values of Scouting.

We hear a great deal about “Big Society” and the value of volunteering, but it has become a political hot potato, and getting up, going out and doing something within your community has been slowly eroded as a norm in modern Society.

Bringing back Bob-a-Job week shows real leadership on the part of the Scouting Association because it is a reassertion of the importance to Scouting (and young people in general) of being seen to be a part of the Community. More than this it starts to re-establish that it is normal to volunteer and Communities  function far more effectively when people do things, and do them proudly.

No doubt come May there will be all sorts of health and safety limitations imposed, but re-introducing Bob-a-Job Week might not just change Scouting – it might just change Society.